Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blah blah blah....

This is what it's been like here the last few days. Blah.

Rain, wind, cool temperatures. Blah

Spring has got to be here somewhere.....I see small hints of it all over.

This is how I've felt the last couple of days.....lazy. Blah.

I'm thankful I have this little person in my life to keep me smiling.

Here's to hoping that Spring will soon show it's face.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Random...... me slacker, I haven't blogged in like 10 days. Holy cow time flies. But we've been hanging out tring to enjoy the weather when it's nice out. Lets face it, when it comes to Kansas weather in April, you never know what to expect.
I also noticed that I have done 100 posts on here. So I guess that calls for a celebration? Maybe not. I'll celebrate by tring to blog more.
Meanwhile here's a few pictures to get ya by until then. We played with friends at the park, had an Easter party at preschool and colored Easter eggs at home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cat's Meow.........

Since the weather has been getting nicer outside, my dear sweet daughter will ask, I mean beg, every day to go over and play with the kitties. She loves them, but hey can you blame her? She gets it honest. From her mama anyway. Now her Daddy doesn't have much use for them, but he will humor his child and play with the kitties as well. Now a while back I did a little update on the gang, but I didn't get very good pictures. Well, here's a better update. And more pictures. So I warn all of those who are reading this, it's all about the Cats! So if ya don't care for cats, hey some people don't, then I suggest you stop reading now. But all fellow cat/animal lovers, like myself, read on.........

This is Bob. Well that's what I call her. Her actual name is BTK. (Bob Tail Kitty) But I don't think it would be a good idea to yell out "BTK where are you!" I don't think anyone would hear me, but ya never know. So I just call her Bobbie. She's a sweetie. For the longest time she was the only barn cat, and I think she preferred it that way. That was until the other kitties came along. Bob was not too happy about that. But she's coming around. She still hisses at the youngsters and they look at her like "what's your problem?"
I tried to get a better picture of Bobbie, but all she cared about was getting a good head scratch.

Just to let ya'll know, Maddison named each one of these kitties, well except for one, I named her.
Meet Aerial. This cat is usually this first one to come running to greet us. Maddison loves her, and she loves seeing Maddie. Aerial is a sweetheart and she soaks up every ounce of attention that she can get.

This is Pepper. Poor dude is out numbered by his sisters, but he isn't bothered by it one bit. He is a laid back cat who likes to follow us when we walk out to check the mail box.

Strangers beware these kitties have sharp claws and the aren't afraid to use them!

This one Maddison named Emily. Don't let that face fool you, she's super ornery. She will chase anything that moves and she likes to bite your toes.

And last but not least is little Miss Miyachtzu. That's what I decided to call her. Only because she's cross eyed. But she's as sweet as can be. And a little ornery like her sister Emily.

Here she found a string hanging from my pant leg.

If you are ever at our house, I'm sure Maddie would be happy to take ya to meet all the kitties!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Girl time....

I've been meaning to get these pictures posted. It's only been almost a week ago, but hey better late than never right?
Last Sunday this mama and this mama loaded up these three and took them to see a live show. This was the best picture I got of all 3. Gentry wasn't up to posing for pictures that day. But they sure had fun. Any ideas where we took them?

Here's one clue.The stage was set.....

If you guessed Sesame Street Live, then you are correct!

Dancing sheep. The girls were really laughing at this one.

This was actually pretty funny. Dancing fruit and vegetables.

The big finish was equipped with confetti and streamers!

Hopefully the girls will still want to go again next year. Before they grow up any more and decided that hanging out with their Mom is lame.