Monday, January 31, 2011

Waiting for Spring......

It's hard to believe that the first month of 2011 is already gone by.
There hasn't been much going on at our house...same 'ole things. We did enjoy a couple of days last week where the weather was fantastic. It was in the lower 70's last Friday. Maddie and I spent the whole afternoon outside. Knowing that the weather that day would soon be short lived. It made me want Spring to come even faster.
Then today our Old Man Winter made his return. Cold temperatures, wind, freezing rain and there is supposed to be snow headed our way.
This afternoon I was hoping to see a little sunshine, but didn't get my wish. I opened the front door for a few minutes, and went to the bath room. When I returned I found my sweet warmblooded child like this.

Usually she likes to stick her hands on the frost on the window and write in it. But today she had different ideas. And yes she is wearing a t-shirt, no pants and socks. She is always like this at home.

On a much more warmer note....tomorrow, February 1st, is my Grandma Helen's birthday. I am proud to say that she will be 85 and looks fabulous!
About half of my family has a birthday this coming month (including the hubby) and it all starts with her.
Here's a flash back in time. Me with my Grandma at Christmas. Don't ask me what year, but it was a while ago.

She is the eldest of four children. I think that's what makes her so smart.
She has always taught me to the right thing and to be true to myself. She married my Grandpa December 26,1947 and hasn't gotten sick of him yet.
She can type faster than anyone I know. She makes the best food ever.
She always gives me the best advice when I need it most. And she has the best twin grandchildren!

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Grandma! We love you lots.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ahhhh much better.....

Have you ever done something and at the time you thought WOW that's a great idea!
Well that's what I did when I decorated our master bathroom almost six years ago. Yikes, it's been that long.
I remember it all so well. I was a newlywed and I wanted nothing more than to decorate the house.(which at the time had ALL white walls, yuck)
So I found what I thought was really pretty. This big bold colorful wallpaper border that had fish on it. It was very outdoorsy, but I loved it.

Then about a year ago I decided to slap some paint on the walls as well. I had some leftover paint colors that I had used in other parts of the house. So I figured why not use this and save a couple bucks. At the time when I did it, I wasn't quite sure about the lower half of the walls. I used this yellow color that's on the wall in my kitchen. It looks good in there, but not so much in the bathroom. It looked too yellow. But I lived with it anyway.

Then the other day I was sittin on the johnny and I saw that a corner of my big bold fish border was starting to peel away from the wall, yet again. This fish border and I have a history together. I have had to re-ad hear sections, and some of it's corners about 4-5 times during the last 6 years. It has never stuck to the wall. So I got a wild hair up my fanny and pulled at the corner, just to see what it would do.
Yep, you guessed it. It peeled right off. With hardly any effort. So the next evening the rest of my big bold fish border became garbage. It felt good. I got revenge on it. hehe

Then it was time to pick an new color, and NO fish border. I was selective about it this time, and I didn't use old paint. I spent the mullah on fresh stuff. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I still want to do something with the mirrors. Possibly frame them, but I'm taking my time on that one. Let me know what ya think.
Here's the bathroom now:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Half in & half out.......

This is too funny. I just had to share.
The other night Stu walked into Maddie's room just to check on her after she had gone to bed, and this is what he found.

Not quite sure if she was trying to climb out of bed and fell back asleep or if she was flopping around so much she caught herself before she fell out of bed.
But I thought it was too funny.
Hope everyone has a good week!

Here is a sneak peak at what I did this weekend. Not all the way done yet, but it looks ggggoooooddddddd..... *hint*the fish boarder is G-O-N-E GONE!
These are pictures of our Master bathroom. Let me just say it doesn't look like this anymore! Before and after pictures to come....stay tuned.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow of 2011......

It started last night, and it kept going all night.....the snow.
It's the first snow we've had for this winter, and I'm not going to complain. We've been lucky on the weather so far.
Now I just hope we don't get some freak blizzard and loose our power and have to pack up and head to the in-laws house. I love the snow, but not when it's so bad the power goes out.
When Maddison woke up this morning she was so happy. She came out screaming, "Mommy look SNOW! Oh I'm so excited!" Then all morning she kept begging me to go outside and play.
Finally after lunch I caved in and covered my child in clothes. Almost to the point of making her look like the kid from 'A Christmas Story'. But not quite that bad. I wanted her to be able to move her arms!
So then I grabbed the camera as well and we trotted out in the snow.
Then a while later I was going to dig my camera out of my pocket again, only this time it wasn't in my pocket. It wasn't in any of my pockets.
Oh @#*$!!! I was starting to panic. Because by this point it was snowing again, and not lightly. I ran back across the yard and there it laid where Maddie had made her snow angel. It was perfectly fine. Thank goodness.

Ready to dig in!

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tangled mess.......

I don't even know where to start.
The other evening I was in my daughter's room helping her pick up her toys. I managed to step on this certain item and almost busted out laughing. (later I did)
At first I didn't even recognize what the heck it even was.....or what it was even supposed to be for that matter.

Exhibit A:

So I figured why not ask the source.
Me: "Uh...Maddie what is this supposed to be"?
Maddie: "That's my Tangled doll Mommy."
Why yes, yes it is. It is in fact now tangled. This is supposed to be a Rapunzel doll from the new movie "Tangled". This doll once had long, flowing, beautiful golden hair....and now it's tangled.

There is in fact a little tiny doll in there somewhere....?

Now I have to figure out a way to save this poor dolls hair. This may take a while.
Hope everyone has a 'tangled' free day!