Sunday, November 20, 2011

Picture Day.....

I have a picture that I want to share, but first there is a story that goes along with it, so happy reading!

Just to let everyone know, this story has been in the making for over two months now. That's how long I've been waiting on this photo. But I guess it was worth the wait. Did you already scroll down to see what the picture is before reading my story? Well if you did I don't blame you.
I thought I'd had it all planned out, but here's what I get for planning. At my job, I was handed this piece of paper with a women's name on it and phone number. I was to call her and schedule a time to have my picture taken for work. The picture is going to be used on our website and also be displayed in the front lobby. No problem. Well, if we wanted to we could have a pet in the picture as well.
I was up for that.
We have two dogs, Ruger and Captian. Both brothers and both males. They don't always get along with each other, so I knew that trying to wrangle both of them for this photo op was NOT going to happen. So I choose to just take Ruger instead.
I had my appointment time scheduled with the photographer and had it planned out that I would take Ruger to work with me the morning of our photo shoot and give him a bath and make him smell pretty. He's an outdoor dog 24/7. He's needed a spa day.
So the morning came, and I dropped Maddie of at school, headed home to pick up my furry friend. So far everything was going smooth as butter. That's what I thought.
I get over to the dog kennels to go get Ruger. He comes running up to me, and instantly I was saying....."oh you stinkin' dog." He was partly covered with the wonderful aroma of a SKUNK!
That's where my perfect planned picture day went out the window.
So I loaded up my stinky pooch and headed to work, and gave him not one skunk bath, but two. He could have used one more, but I was running out of time.
Then later I found out that the pictures where going to be taken at the photographer's house. My dog is NOT house trained by any means. This is a dog who has gone for a swim in our lagoon. Then I started to sweat a little. We arrive at our destination, and I made sure that Ruger hike his leg on some bushes before I stepped into this lady's nice home.
We get inside and I forewarned her that my dog was not an indoor dog. She didn't seem too worried about it. Hey I warned the lady.
She takes towards the back of the room, and says "Everything is set up down stairs." I thought, oh this ain't gonna happen. My country dog doesn't even know what stairs are lady. All I could think was I'm NOT holding this 50lb dog down some stairs.
So she asks, "will he go down the stairs?" I was like "He's not used to stairs, but we can try."
My dog looked at me and took one step back and put on the brakes. He wasn't going for that.
So she says "Oh no problem, I have an elevator, will he go on that ok?"
I about said "holy crap, I love this house."  So we hopped in the little elevator and took it to the basement.
I bribed Ruger with treats and begged him, please oh please don't you pee in here.
In the end Ruger was so good for me. I was so happy it turned out great. I know Ruger won't be around forever, but I will have a perfect picture to remember him by.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Fall

Oh man, am I behind or what?
I knew it had been a while since my last post, but I didn't think it had been that long.
Here's what's been going on in our world.
Since the fall season began, a.k.a allergy season at our house, we've been lucky so far. I only lost my voice once due to allergies and Maddie had one bought with bronchitis. Stu's been the lucky one and hasn't managed to get sick. We had  to get a new washing machine. Our old washer kicked the bucket, so we broke down and got a new set. And I LOVE them! I actually look forward to doing the laundry. I never thought I'd ever say that. Went to the State Fair, we took a trip to the pumpkin patch, which was crazy busy that day, but NO RAIN! Then Stu & I took a trip to the dunes in Oklahoma, and we celebrated Halloween! Wheeeew.  That gets me caught up until the holiday's!

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful adventures!

Good picture huh? I cut the top of Stu's head off!

Stu and Maddie jumping around at the Pumpkin Patch!

She loved her little pumpkin she found.


Happy Halloween from our little Cheerleader!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!