Friday, April 30, 2010

The latest.....

Here's the low down on what's been going on at our house. I have to say that I am rather enjoying spending time at home with my sweet, soon to be 4years old daughter. She is the best thing I have ever done. I think she becoming even more spoiled.
Today the weather was perfect out. The wind wasn't blowing 50mph! The sun was out and it was in the low 70's. The night before was a different story. We had this huge thunder storm rip through. It didn't just rain, it poured. But that made the ground nice and soft for me to plant some flowers!
This is my favorite part about Spring time....diggin' in the dirt!

This isn't dirt, but I wanted to share the new sign that I made for Maddison's room.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sand Blastin....part 2

Here are some more pictures that I took on our trip to Waynoka!

A little bit of rain, but not bad.

Now with these next two pictures, here is the story about them. On our way home we were on the stretch of highway between Alva and Blackwell,Ok. Now I'm no expert on highway's, but this road has to be the most boring, bumpiest,no scenery two lane highway on the planet. But we got stuck behind another truck, and we only going like 45mph. What the heck,why are we going so slow? Well the other truck whipped in the other lane and passed this.

Stu got the opportunity to pass this thing, and I had to take a picture of it. The driver didn't even see me. He was too busy trying to keep this thing on the road. It says on the front finder it's a 1928 Ford. Don't see many of these on the road. Only in Oklahoma!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sand blastin....part one

We survived our trip to the sand dunes. Stu and I had a blast! It was the perfect date! We were supposed to meet a huge group of people there, but the rest of the group chickened out because of a 30% chance of rain. Well that didn't stop this gal. We had the trip planned for like a month, and I wasn't going let a little rain stop me. So Stu and I went on our own. It was soooooooooo fun. Here are the first group of pictures I took.

I'm rockin it "Top Gun" Style!

Watchin the drag races.

Don't know any of these people, I just snapped the picture anyway!

Sand, sand and more sand. The part where you can see the trees, that's where we rode the trails.

Stay tuned for more pictures........

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oklahoma bound......

I am taking a break from printing birthday invitations (wonder who those are for) laundry, cleaning toilets, and swatting flys.
On Saturday Stu and I will be headed to Oklahoma fer some fun in the sand and hopefully some sun.
We are going to be in Waynoka at the Little Sahara State Park. And it is a blast! We went last year in April on 4/25/09, and this year's date will be 4/24/10! Hopefully this year we won't hit another thunder storm on the way home like we did last year. That wasn't fun for me at all. We hit rain, wind and hail! So until are some pictures from last year.

Say cheese!

Here's where I got us stuck...oops. But it was fun.

Drag races

Jumpin the dunes

Ahh the storm that was headed our way. We packed up and hauled out, but we didn't beat the rain, we drove into it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sleep? What sleep.
One would think that my daughter would be so worn out at night with all the running around that she does during the day time. BUT that is far from the truth. This child is just like her Daddy all the way. She thinks that sleep is for the birds. We always joke and say that she must think that she is going to miss out on something, so she stays awake as long as possible.
So the other night Maddie was supposed to be sung in her bed, blissfully sleeping dreaming of sugar coated gumdrops.......NOT this child. She was in her bed, but she thought it was story time for her teddy bears.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Turkey....

Well folks it's that time of year again. Time for spring turkey season. And that means that my Dad has his truck loaded with all his gear and ready to find a big 'ol tom.
If anyone knows my Dad this time of year is like Christmas for him. He loves it. And today he had a smile on his face.
Got one.

Maddie with Grandpa's turkey. She thought it was gross.

Maddie did however love Grandpa's decoys. This one was her favorite.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bubble girl.......

Right now it's raining....blah. I need to go the store, but I am putting it off for the time being. Mostly because I hate grocery shopping. Now I can spend all day shoe shopping, but grocery shopping is depressing to me. Only because I know that I will be back at the store by the end of the week to purchase milk and my husbands beloved Life cereal.
Now yesterday was beautiful out! The sun was out and the wind wasn't blowing too bad. So it was the perfect afternoon to play outside. So I grabbed the gallon jug of bubbles that my Dad gave Maddie for her birthday last year and we had some fun in the sun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicken gum.....

It has come to my attention that the older my child gets, the more interesting our conversations get. It is always amazing to me some of the words that come out of my child's mouth. Yes there have been a couple of occasions where my sweet daughter has "accidentally" picked up a cuss word here and there. Trying to control my laughter I tell her that it's not ok to repeat such words. And then I have to tell other people, watch your language. Because I would never say such foul words for my child's innocent ears to pick up. No not me...
Here was a conversation that Maddie had with me this morning.
Maddie: "Mom ask me what's in my mouth, ok.
Me: "Ok. Maddison what do you have in your mouth? (lord knows this could be bad)
Maddie: "Oh it's just some gum. (there wasn't actually any gum, it was pretend)
Me:"Oh really. Well can I have some gum?
Maddie: "Sure, here you go mommy".
Me: "Thanks. Hey where did you get this gum"?
Maddie: "Oh my Grandma gave it to me last week, when I was a little girl".
Me: "Oh yeah. Well what kind of gum is it?
Maddie: "Oh it's just chicken gum".
Me: "Chicken gum".
Maddie: "Yeah, I like chicken gum".
And then she left the room. I was left sitting there thinking chicken gum. Gross.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where there's smoke, there's fire.....

And the fire was across the road from our house. (eek) But it was under control.
Farmers all around us have been burning their fields, so all weekend you could look up and see smoke coming from somewhere.
Late Sunday afternoon I was coming home from my adventurous trip to the grocery store, and as I got closer to our road, there were cars going the opposite direction flashing their lights and waving 'Go back, Go back"!. I was like uh..I live down here....then I saw this...
smoke all across the highway.

this is the field that is to the south of our house....on fire!

I passed this burning stump on my way home, so I dropped off the groceries and grabbed my camera and went back....

I've seen I don't know how many field fires in my life, but when one is happening close to your own home, it seems completely different. Kind of scary too. Thank goodness this fire didn't decided to jump into our yard.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Give up?

This is what was staring back at me in the bottom of our washer. A Kuckelbur.(not sure how you spell it)
If you wash these they come out soft and fuzzy!
If you look closely you can see a piece of lint on it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

What the...?

So my husband, who has known me for a long time, still loves to get the chance to make fun of me, or possibly scare me if the moment arrives. He loves that the most, because I am very easy to scare.
Well, this afternoon I was doing some laundry and I had finished putting the clothes in the dryer.
They were Stu's clothes by the way.
I always double check and make sure I got all the clothes out. Every now and then our washer likes to hang on to a sock or two. So it's always good to check.
Well this time I saw this little brown thing at the bottom. Scared me enough that I jumped back a little. At first I thought it was a bug that had gotten washed, and there laid it's remains....that happens from time to time. We live in the country we have bugs.
Well, that wasn't the case. It wasn't moving, so I thought "come-on dummy just sick your hand in and pick it up." I was a little hesitant at first. Hey you would be too if you saw a brown fuzzy looking thing in the bottom of your washer.

Can you guess what it is? Since I have loads of free time, I will tell you later what it was I saw that gave me a few goose bumps.....
Leave your guess in the comment section.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok, so now what?

This post is me complaining.

I feel that as an American I am going to use my first amendment right, and voice my opinion. Or rather type my opinion. After all, we should thank the men who fought for our rights for our country. Yes, I say men...Lets face it ladies, back in those days women weren't fighting on the war front. They were at home bakin bread and raising babies. But those times have since changed. But that's a whole other story.

For now I am sick of talking about it, and I'm sure that my loving husband is sick of listening to it. So I am going to vent my frustration blog style!
Why not? It's part of the reason I have a blog. Other than the fact that I am usually posting pictures of my family. BUT that is going to have to wait.

For this post I am complaining.

I don't usually do things like this, or complain too much,or even speak up for myself. I am always afraid that I might offend someone, or people will think bad things about me....But this time I am saying SCREW IT!!!!! I don't care if this offends anyone, or makes other people mad, or even if it makes people think differently about me. Not anymore, I just don't care.
That's pretty sad uh?
I am just down right....confused, sad, feel like I've been taken advantage of, and just plain MAD! And I have the right to be. Trust me, you would too.
You are probably thinking what in the hell is this crazy gal talking about?
Well, to put it mildly, I freakin lost my job.
It's the second job that I ever actually liked in my life, and I lost it. And it's the second job that I've lost as well.
I can honestly say that I don't know how it even really happened. It was like one day everything is going great and then the next day you wake up, and your whole world is completely different.
Six years of the same job, a job that I really loved, ~Poof~ gone just like that. And the sad thing is, no-one even tried to work things out with me, or make it work so that I could still have a job. It's sad, really really sad. Sorry but it's not my fault that business is slow, and you have to cut back. Cut back on a person who only works part-time to begin with. How the hell does that happen in the first place? I will never know.
I guess they thought I was just going to sit by the phone and wait for them to call me, and say "Hey we are finally starting to get busy again, we could really use you at work." Well, SORRY that ain't gonna happen!
I am sick of people who say nice things, promising things to your face, and then turn around and stab you in the back.
Thanks a lot. You really know how to make a person feel good about them selves.
There I feel much better, for now.
Well, with all this free time on my hands, I guess I have plenty of time to figure out what comes next? Only time will tell.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter pictures....

We sure had a wonderful Easter weekend, and the weather was so perfect. Maddison got so many things, and of course lots of candy!
We celebrated at our house w/a cook out. Hamburgers and hot dogs was on the menu at our party.
Here are a few pictures of the day. I am a bad Mom and didn't get any pictures of her hunting for Easter eggs. Shame on me. But I did snap a few of all the kids at pre-school when they had their Easter party last Thursday.

Ready to go find those eggs!

Here is pictures from Easter Sunday at home:

"Mommy, Dad look what I got!"

"A Hamster!' Maddie wanted one of these so bad. Mommy didn't mind. This pet is maintenance free, runs on batteries!

A Mermaid Barbie doll.

"My Barbie Mermaid movie!" From her Grammy & Pappy

ooh what's in here?

This basket is the same size as my child! Thanks to Grandma Monica & Grandpa David for that one.

More stuff....

Whewww....glad that's over.