Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun day Sunday!

Summer is almost here! And you know what that means! Time for flip flops, tan lines, going to the pool, hamburgers on the grill, and one little girl will be having a Birthday!

Today was a gorgeous day! A little on the windy side, but hey it's late Spring and it's Kansas. The wind is bound to be blowing. But the sun was shinning and it was nice and warm.
We did some chores around the house, and fixed a few things in the yard. It wasn't too long and Maddie was begging if she could get her swimsuit on and get out her dinosaur pool. I told her she was going to have to beg her Daddy to blow the thing up. But that didn't take much.
So this afternoon we had one happy camper on our hands. She LOVES playing in the freezing cold well water!

One week from today, our sweet girl will be turning 5 years old. Geez where did the time go? I can't believe that it's already her birthday time. But it's one of my favorite days of the year. We love her lots and I can't wait for her party.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Staying busy........

I've got a lot to post about, and I don't even know where to begin.
But things are going good and we have been staying busy. Which is alright by me.
Here's how last week went down.
Monday night Maddison had her preschool graduation program. And her last day at preschool was last Friday. Let the summer begin!

Maddison and her wonderful teacher Miss Dana. We sure are going to miss her.

Watch out for these girls. Come this fall they will be Kindergartners!

Then last Tuesday I started my new job! That's right I'm a working gal,again. Finally. It only took over a year for me to find something, but last summer I didn't exactally "look" for a job. I was too busy going to the pool with my baby. But the time I spent with her was well worth it. So this summer is going to be a big change for her, but hey when you have bills to pay, then ya gotta bring home some bacon.
You are probably wondering "Hey where are you working"? Well I got hired on at a veterinary clinic that I used to work at 10 years ago. I saw their help wanted ad and just for grins I applied. I am so happy to be there. I get to help people and be around animals, and the best part, I get to wear my scrubs again!

The weather has been looking up. Last week we did manage to get some much needed rain. This weekend was gorges out. And today was perfect, and Maddison knew it too. We spent all afternoon outside. And you can pretty much guess what she wanted to do. Yep, play in the water.....

Hope that everyone has a good week.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hope that all the wonderful Mom's had a fabulous Mother's Day! I know I sure did.
Now here's what we've been up to lately.
Last week my brother and I took Maddie to visit her favorite place (mine too) THE ZOO!!!!!! It was a perfect day. It was 75 degrees out, with a nice cool breeze. We had so much fun. Here are a few photo's from our fun trip.

Now this last weekend on the other hand was kinda on the "warmer" side. Lets just say, here in Kansas we skipped Spring and went into early summer. Yesterday it reached around 93 degrees, and it did the same again today and a few degrees more. So of course my child knew that it was warm enough to play outside in the water. And it was. Nothing makes her happier than playing in her pool. Trying to get her out of it is another story.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lot's to say......

What a week it's been. Let me start off by saying I'm proud to be an American!
All of our Nation's troops, both men and women, sure have something to be proud of. They've been fighting for our wonderful country and fighting hard. And we finally caught that SOB Bin Laden. Here in America it's easy to say, Payback is a B$@#*!!!!!!!
We are willing to forgive, but we don't forget.

I copied this picture, sorry. I've got my American Flag ready to go outside, but with this crazy Kansas wind, it will blow away before I know it. So this will have to do.

I don't know about the rest of ya'll, but I've been bummed out this week. It's been kind of depressing. I've been reading some sad sad things on face book. (Yes I'm addicted to face book, I admit it)
Lately I've been seeing all these sympathetic and encouraging words being sent to people. There has been a lot of death going on here lately and it really makes you stop and appreciate life. I feel bad, because the people that lost their lives, I didn't even know. One family lost a child. She was a senior in high school, ready to graduate this year. And a friend of mine lost her brother. It made me sad for the people that did know them, especially their families. Then it made me appreciate all the family and friends that I still have with me even more.
I've been trying to think of positive things to say and keep them in my head. All I can really say is my God be with them and their loved ones.

And I continue to pray for my dear friend Kate and her family. Her Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Well last week he had surgery to remove his tumor. His surgery went well, and he is doing well with his recovery. You can read about it on her blog. KDKGblog on my blog list.

Well, I don't want to be a "Debbie Downer", so lets turn things around and have a smile.
In one month from tomorrow, this sweet child will be celebrating her 5th Birthday.
It's hard to believe that is has almost been 5 years since this wonderful blessing came into our lives. Love her to pieces!

And don't forget Mother's Day is just around the corner! Don't forget to show extra appreciation to Mom.

Hope everyone has a great day!