Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love and Happiness

WOW! I am really behind with this blog. I see the last time I was on here was before Christmas.
Well better late then never.
I am getting around to getting things done and this one is on my list.
Lately I've been a busy bee. Between work and trying to keep up with house work and trying to spend extra time with my child and husband, my to-do list keeps getting longer and longer.
Next week, Tuesday is Valentines Day. And it is a special day in my family. It is also my Grandpa Joe's birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa! We love you.
February is the month for birthday's at our house. There are about 7 people in our family that celebrate their birthday's this month, including Stu and my Mom. (they both share the same birthday)
Plus on top of the birthday's comes Valentines for Maddison to take for school. I found a super cute idea on a web site this year and they turned out super cute!

What do you get when you take wooden clothes pins, foam hearts, black pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and some red paint? Well I got a huge mess and this:
 The final piece. I clipped these little guys to a sandwich bag with some treats inside.
Hope the kiddos like 'em

This afternoon I got the pleasure of attending a Wedding Anniversary party. George and Dorothy have been married for 40 years. The clothes they are wearing are the same clothes they got married in. Pretty good the be able to wear your wedding dress 40 years later.
Congratulations to the happy couple. Here's to many more happy years together.
I hope that on my 40th Anniversary I can squeeze my bottom into my dress. I might need an xtra large girdle to help keep things in, but hey it would be worth it!
Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day with their special sweetheart.