Sunday, March 17, 2013



A while back I thought about writing this post, but never got around to doing it. Then a friend of mine even suggested that I should write about it. So here it is. This post is dedicated to a certain object that is near and dear to my child's heart, and his name is Teddy.
 If you haven't already guessed it, it's about Maddison's teddy bear.  I received the bear as a baby gift from someone, sorry I don't remember who, and I set it in the corner of Maddison's crib. It was the softest bear ever. It was like velvet. It was so cute. With it's soft pink coat and a small round bear shaped rattle that was attached to it's hands. I say was, because after a while the bear shaped rattle became detached from Teddy after a few spins in the washing machine. I went back through Maddie's baby pictures to see if I could find what Teddy originally looked like. I found a glimpse of him. You can see in the picture below.
 Yes, the bear is pink and according to Maddie Teddy is a boy. If you try to tell her different she will tell you, "Teddy is a boy".

 When Maddison became old enough to start grabbing onto things, she found Teddy in the corner of her crib and she has never let go of him since. To this day Teddy goes everywhere she goes. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I have discovered over the years that Teddy needs the occasional "bath" in the washer. He will start to look light brown instead of pink. eeewwwwww I know it sounds gross, because it's true. There isn't anything that Maddie does where Teddy isn't somewhere in the room with her. Rather it's watching T.V or reading a book. Teddy will be there. Every night before climbing into bed, the words "Where's Teddy?" will come out of Maddison's mouth. There was even a couple of times where Teddy got left behind at Grandma's house. We didn't say a word, thinking that maybe Maddie wouldn't notice. But we were wrong. She did notice and would burst into tears. We would try to comfort her with one of her other stuffed animals, but she wouldn't have it unless it was Teddy.
 Teddy usually isn't very far from where Maddison is. He was always right with in arms reach. If you tried to take him away then you had to deal with a cranky toddler. We have a saying that if Maddison lets you touch, or hold her Teddy, then that means that she likes you. The rule still somewhat applies. You have been warned. Don't try to take this girls bear.
Poor Teddy has seen better days. He has pretty much been through the ringer. He used to be so soft and plush. Now he sits hunched over and all the stuffing in his legs has moved to the bottom of his feet. His white ribbon around his neck is frayed on the ends and is very frail. He has stains of paint on him and on his arm there is residue from a band aid that was stuck on him by none other then his owner.

Every morning on our way to school, Teddy is in the back seat. I remember when Maddison had her first day of pre-school. She wanted to take Teddy so bad. I let her take him, but only on one condition. He had to stay in her back pack. I was afraid that Teddy would get lost and she would have been crushed if that were to happen. I don't know when Maddison will out grow her Teddy. I kind of hope she never does. I think that her friendship with this bear is just like one between Andy and  Woody from the movie Toy Story. Their friendship will never die. I hope that she will save this bear always. I'm doing my best to keep him held together. He might have a few patches here and there, but in Maddison's eyes, he will always be in her heart.

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